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Yesterday's Chip Paper

Incredible, macabre and bizarre true stories from historic newspapers.

Feb 16, 2018

Ernest William Welsh invented a lot of stuff. Maybe. Possibly. From creating instruments of death to starting feuds with fellow inventors, there's nothing Ernest can't do. Join Jim and Violet as we explore the life of a man with a laundry list of inventions accredited to him and who really, really wants to kill lots of people as soon as possible. This guy's a non-Wiki, he is suspiciously under-represented on the internet or elsewhere. 

Also in this episode, Violet's poem subverts convention and her letter drives its car right into the side of a horse. 

Archives used in this episode:

Yesterday's Chip Paper is the podcast that explores newspaper archives to unearth forgotten stories, covering anything from mad scientists to monster murderers. The only limit to what we can discover is that someone has to have written about it at some point. Join us as we get to know some truly, truly strange people.