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Yesterday's Chip Paper

Incredible, macabre and bizarre true stories from historic newspapers.

Jul 10, 2018

With the help of his gun “Old Kill-Devil”, Sam Hildebrand became a figure revered by the entire state of Missouri, including the infamous Jesse James. This episode, we’re going to the wilderness of Doe Run in St Francis County, for the tale of a notorious bushwhacker during the Civil War. With over 100 alleged kills to his name, Hildebrand embarked on a lifelong journey of death and destruction. With a $10,000 price on his head and hundreds of men after the reward, his reign of terror continued far longer than it should have.

Also this week, Jim looks at some curious egg thefts, and tells the tale of a dead cat through poetry.

Yesterday's Chip Paper is a bimonthly podcast where your hosts - two Transatlantic researchers with a fondness for the unusual - delve into historical newspaper archives to unearth forgotten stories from days gone by. From mad scientists to murderers, sapient pigs to sausage kings, the only limit to the stories we tell is that someone has to have written about it. 
Archives used in this episode:

Intro/Outro - The International Rag (Al Jolson & Sophie Tucker)
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