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Yesterday's Chip Paper

Incredible, macabre and bizarre true stories from historic newspapers.

Oct 8, 2018

This week, we check in with a man of many names who commits the most heinous of crime, then disappears...or does he? Plus, Jim reads a letter from a 130-year-old Facebook troll and possibly the best poem we've found to date.

Yesterday's Chip Paper is the podcast where your hosts, Jim and Violet, scour historical newspaper archives and unearth forgotten stories. From mad scientists to murderers, elaborate con artists to the elaborately conned, the only limit to what we can find is that someone, somewhere has to have written about it.

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Archives used in this episode:

Other sources:

North Carolina Bandits, Bushwackers, Outlaws, Crooks, Devils, Ghosts, Desperadoes and Other Assorted and Sundry Characters! By Carole Marsh

Intro/Outro - The International Rag (Al Jolson & Sophie Tucker)
All music comes with thanks to the Free Music Archive.