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Yesterday's Chip Paper

Incredible, macabre and bizarre true stories from historic newspapers.

Apr 4, 2018

*There were more, but we liked this title. 

The Elliot family was one of the preeminent farming families of 1870s Chemung County, NY. Until, one fateful day, one brother sold another brother some inadequate horses and caused a rift that lasted a generation. Join Violet and Jim for a tale of barn-burnings, shootings that are possibly not shootings, reckless tales of arson, some more arson and then a bit more arson for good measure and discover a rivalry for the ages. 

Also in this episode; Jim finds the most wholesome poem about customs violations ever written, as well as letters about life hacks that aren't at all useful or hacks in any way. 

Yesterday's Chip Paper is the podcast where hosts Violet and Jim delve into historical newspaper archives to unearth forgotten gems in their pages. From true crime to true strangeness, there's no limit to what we can discover. 

Archives used in this episode: