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Yesterday's Chip Paper

Incredible, macabre and bizarre true stories from historic newspapers.

Oct 19, 2017

Should man mate with apes? How do you survive a bear attack? And what exactly is dibbling a man's clay? All of these questions are answered in the first ever mini episode from Yesterday's Chip Paper. As well as this, there are tales of unbelievable bravery, saving mail trains and novel tactics from a creative policeman.

YCP Extra! Sees Jim and Violet pick out the best of the shorter stories they stumble across while looking through the archives, those that aren't long enough to make a full episode, but are brilliant nonetheless. 

Yesterday's Chip Paper is a fortnightly(ish) podcast that looks at true stories found in historic newspapers from across the world. With hundreds of years of history at their fingertips, the only real limit to the stories that are told is that they have to have happened - or, at least, been reported. Whether it's true crime, mass hysteria or unusual reporting of famous events, it's always guaranteed to be downright bonkers. 

Archives used in this episode:

British Newspaper Archive

Trove (National Library of Australia)